Yellow Inspertion

Tassel Accessory Trend
November 11, 2015

Yellow Inspertion

Yellow! Gorgeous light BUTTER YELLOW is the trendy new colour for summer 2015.

It is cool, fresh and oh, so joyful! Associated with laughter, happiness, optimism and good times.

All the more reason to invite a touch of yellow into your life.

Yes, it’s bold and unexpected and we don’t often see it been worn but its time

to step out of the comfort zone and have fun with a different colour this season.

Like I always say there is a shade | tone of every colour that is flattering for your complexion.

The general guideline for the 4 basic skin type are as follows:

SOFT- Porcelain skin tone: Buttercup or Cornflower Yellows

MEDIUM – Rosy skin tone: Lemon or Bright Yellows

DEEP – Olive Light brown skin tone: Gold Yellows

RICH – Dark brown/black skin tone: Burnt Yellows

Here is a few creative ways to add a touch of yellow to your summer wardrobe.


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