Understand your body shape, forget your size.

Do you dress for your body shape or dress size?
February 3, 2016
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March 6, 2016

Understand your body shape, forget your size.

The 4 main body shapes are:

THE APPLE – tummy bigger than bust, flat bum, average legs.

THE HOURGLASS – big bust, small waist, big hips, generous thighs

THE PEAR – small bust, long waist, flat tummy, saddlebags, heavy legs

THE COLUMN – shoulder width same as hip width, slight waist, longer legs.


Once you have determent your body shape and understand your proportions you can now find the cuts and shapes of clothing that will flatter and fit you figure best.

Know what to avoid and steer away from, how to accentuate and enhance your assets and which clothing items to shop for.

Within these 4 main body shapes there a combinations and variations of up to 12 different body shapes. We women are so uniquely different.


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