A Unique Clothing Experience

LITCHI ~ The brand

LITCHI Fashion appreciates the lifestyle requirements of today’s woman ~ her budget, time constraints and perhaps most importantly ~ establishing and maintaining her unique and individual trademark.

There are two distinct components to LITCHI Fashion:

Wardrobe Consultation: Personal Styling, Private Shopping and Workshops

Every woman’s wardrobe should be versatile, functional, as well as complement her individuality. LITCHI understands and thrives on these basic principles.All consultation services are customised to suit each client’s specific clothing and wardrobe needs ~ from de-cluttering, to creating new looks from current wardrobe pieces, to assisting in shopping for classic and essential clothing items.

Read more on the services page or call Lucinda for further details.

Ladies’ Clothing Range: Concept Markets and Events

LITCHI offers a delicate balance between fashion-forward and timeless pieces, both of which can easily be dressed up for a fancy function ~ or down for a more relaxed and casual occasion. Shopping at LITCHI is the best way to pair and expand upon an existing wardrobe. All clothing items are sourced in limited quantities to ensure a measure of originality. However ~ lack of variety is never a concern, with affordable new and innovative styles, arriving every fortnight.

Choosing your next gorgeous summer dress or flattering blouse~ has never been this convenient. Visit one of the Concept Markets or Events.  All details regarding Concept Markets and Events can be obtained by following LITCHI Fashion on Facebook or checking the online calendar.

LITCHI ~ The Inspiration

Lucinda’s extensive travel to fashion capitals and textile hubs around the world ~ has allowed her the opportunity to establish a distinct sense of design and style.  Through her many personal experiences, Lucinda has perfected her fashion philosophy, which lives and breathes in the company today. In 2015, and based upon this philosophy and passion, Lucinda launched LITCHI Fashion Clothing.

Some of the exciting initiatives, which Lucinda is involved include:

  • Addressing women’s networking events, personal styling workshops, fashion shows, interactive presentations, open days, event hosting, as well as magazine make-over shows ~ to name but a few.

Lucinda’s undertaking is to empower women to exude confident, embrace their feminine side, and to consistently dress their best. She is a firm believer in building trusted relationships with her valued clients, many of whom refer to her as: “My Style Guru.”

LITCHI ~ Charity Blossoms

LITCHI supports a number of varied charitable projects, aimed at uplifting and empowering less fortunate women. Clothing donations are made at the end of each season, to a pre-selected and worthy non-profit organisation.

We like to spread to word and touch the lives of as many women as possible. As for our clothing and other services we always look for uniquely different experiences.  The markets and events LITCHI attend are often different and a new concept offering new avenues for our clients to experience the brand. Markets and events are often upmarket or estate based.

For upcoming markets and event dates, follow us on Facebook or contact Lucinda.