Wardrobe abc: J is for…

The LITCHI Wardrobe abc is the ultimate guide to style. Read more every week as we uncover more:

J is for…

JEANS: The denim pants we adore and can’t live without. Ignore the brand and buy the best-fitting pair you can find.

JEWELRY: Every girl needs a favorite accessory to style up her look.

JACKET: Always timeless and classic, collect a few and style with different items.

JUMPSUIT: Trade in your LBD for a jumpsuit and take your nights out up notch! All in ones do after dark sparkle differently. Pick utility styling for day, and wide leg for play!

JEGGINGS: Legging that are made to look like skin-tight denim jeans. Jeggings entered the fashion world in early 2009, and were among the most popular clothing items to date.