Wardrobe abc: P is for…

The LITCHI Wardrobe abc is the ultimate guide to style. Read more every week as we uncover more:

P is for…

PEARLS: Don’t wear them too seriously or they lose their cool. Add real or fake pearls to a tank top and killer heels.

PJ’S: A comfortable must-have. Try Chinese-silk or bold-coloured cotton.

PERFUME: A powerful weapon. Find your signature scent.                                                     “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” –Coco Chanel

PEACOAT: The low-key, low-maintenance look is perfected by stiff-wool naval coats.

PENCIL SKIRT: Asserting femininity and power, this should be snug not tight, and worn with super-high heels. Do make sure it is a silhouette that suits your body type, ladies.

PUSH-UP BRA: One of the 20th century’s best inventions. But do remember, cleavage should be mostly concealed.