Wardrobe abc: L is for…

 The LITCHI Wardrobe abc is the ultimate guide to style. Read more every week as we uncover each letter.

L is for…

LEATHER: Withstand the test of time. From your leather purse, leather boots to leather jacket and everything leather item in-between. Look for timeless classic styles.

LACE: A touch of the feminine is always a good idea. Invest in a few pieces that suit your dress style.

LUGGAGE: Buy one piece at a time until you have a matching carry-on, roller-wheel bag, large suitcase and duffle.

LITTLE BLACK DRESS: The perfect LBD is priceless. Choose the best material cut you can afford. Always in a style that is flattering for your body’s silhouette

LITTLE WHITE DRESS: Always as stock staple. LWD could also be a timeless dress in a colour you enjoy wearing and suits your completion.